This project got created out of the exploration process fro HEVNLY food. It's been a design suggestion to express enjoyment. The team really liked it but decided against it because it would represent a wrong image; long delivery chains and a too big ecological footprint. It's been too good to leave it in the drawer so i created "Monkfee - The Roasty Experts" because i like the overall expression very much so. It is for SALE, so if you happen to be a coffee roaster, café or some of this sorts hit me up. Or we create a completely new brand out of it ;) 


T-Shirt Mockup - Staff Member

Colors play a big role in every branding project. To keep them consistent you are working with color codes which you see here. First you have to make sure that the logo works in black and white because then it works when you copy something or us the logo for different photo backgrounds.
Monkffee means pure enjoyment.
From your first sip you will know.
Enlightment, Epiphanies, just

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Thank you!

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