The main goal for this website was to sell tickets for local events as well as ZOOM events and to collect email addresses for the newsletter in order to bring more dance to the people. 
Colorwise we went with fresh colors to express the joy of dance. The website should be very energetic & lively. The imagery is underlining this energy. Feeling safe to express yourself fully was intended.
I build websites from the ground up, which means no templates etc. I build them with wordpress and elementor pro website builder. Before i design the website in adobe Xd to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

Concept & Color Exploration
In order to find the right look & feel for your website project, i love to explore different shapes, colors and a graphical language which underlines the main message of your company or project.

full Landing Page​​​​​​​

I like to create a styleguide in the beginning phase when i plan a website because this ensures consistency throughout the design. Why is that important? It gives the user a great user experience where he/she can navigate easily through the entire website because it is easy to understand where to find what.

This includes consistent font sizes, the same colors for headlines, sub headlines and so on. i like to create a harmonic color scheme based on the logo colors. Everything in design is about communication.

Online Shop
The online shop should be kept clean, simple & engaging. I like to create online shops with woocommerce because it creates no extra costs, you keep the money for all of your sales and there are no hidden fees.
The website is still work in progress but i wanted to show you the project anyway.
Tell me more about your website project!
Thank you!

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