Seelentaucher is a Gestalt therapy therapist and supervision instructor in germany. The name literally says to dive deep down into your soul. I personally took some hours and i can say it is a very loving way to shed light into your subconscious mind and heal deep rooted traumas.


Businesscards are essential for every company or service up to this day. They just improve trust between you and the client. When given correctly you will get remembered. Nice sitting fonts and colors help.

Before i start the actual logo process, i send my clients a self designed logo questionnaire with many questions to get as many answers as i can. That way i can assure the client, you, gets the best possible results. To see if i understood the answers correctly, i evaluate the questions and do some sketches. Once that's done i hop on another ZOOM call with the client and doublecheck. Only then i start the full research, sketch and layout process.​​​​​​​

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